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Alabama State Officers:

The N.S.C.A.R. has decided not to have National Officer Contests for the 2020-2021 term.  State Officers are encouraged to support the National Theme, “Pets for Vets”.  All  Alabama Society Officers will promote the State Theme, “Ambassadors for Patriotism” by educating, promoting and fundraising for the State Project.  

President: Miss Lillian Pennington, Captain John Farrar Society

First Vice President: Mr. Clay Cain, La Fayette Society

Second Vice President: Miss Elle Cain, La Fayette Society

Chaplain: Miss Kate Cain, La Fayette Society

Organizing Secretary: Miss Amelia Johnson, Canoe Creek

Recording Secretary: Miss Audrey Tinsley, Jane Bland Society

Corresponding Secretary: Miss Anne Cain, La Fayette Society

Treasurer: Mr. Jon Dunaway, Isaac Ross Society

Registrar: Mr. Orrin Breland, Jane Bland Society

Historian: Miss Caroline Pennington, Capt. John Farrar Society

Librarian: Mr. Thomas Barton, Canoe Creek Society

Curator: Mr. Alex Angle, John Hunt Society

MEMBER OFFICERS and SENIOR OFFICERS President Lillian Pennington- Mrs. Brenda Winter 1st Vice President Clay Cain- Mrs. Jennifer Pennington 2nd Vice President Ellynn Cain- Mrs. Rosalind Holloman Chaplain Kate Cain Mr. Milam Cain Organizing Secretary Amelia Johnson- Mrs. Rhonda Van Zandt Recording Secretary Audrey Tinsley- Mrs. Sarah Harris Corresponding Secretary Ann Cain- Mrs. Jane Michel Treasurer Jon Dunaway- Mr. Tim Estes Registrar Orrin Breland- Mr. Cass Tinsley Historian Caroline Pennington- Ms. Connie Dalton Librarian Thomas Barton- Mr. Bob Thomas Curator Alex Angle- Mr. Jim Maples

2020-2021 Alabama State Chairmen American Heritage John Cain SR. Milam Cain American History Reid Van Zandt SR. Josh Van Bandit Bylaws Lillian Pennington SR Bob Thomas C.A.R/DAR Relations Sarah Cagle SR. Patrice Donnelly C.A.R/SAR Relations Clay Cain SR. Milam Cain C.A.R/SR Relations Clay Cain SR. Bob Thomas Conservation William Estes SR. Julie Estes Information Technology Phillip Estes SR. Bryan Pennington Membership Alex Wren SR. Georgia Turner Mountain Schools Avery Martin SR Marla Martin National Theme & Project Grace Hall SR. Jennie Hall Veterans Thomas Barton SR. Kitty LaBay Nominating Committee (one member per society)

All State Chairmen should be familiar with the corresponding National Contest and shall promote the National Contest as well as the National Theme “Pets for Vets”. 

State Chairmen should take the opportunity to educate members about their committee at C.A.R. State Functions, Society meetings, newsletters and other functions that may be planned.  In addition to promoting the National Program State Chairs should also promote, support and educate Alabama Society Members about our own State Theme and Project  “Ambassadors for Patriotism”.   
 All Senior State Officer positions are appointed for a two year term by the Senior State President, Mrs. Brenda Winter and remain in office unless dismissed or terminated by the Senior State President or they resign. All Senior State Officers and Chairman serve at the pleasure of the Senior State President.