Friday, August 7, 2020

Our Alabama Society Logo for 2020-2021!

State Workshop Annoucement

August 4, 2020

Dear Society Members,

We are disappointed to have to postpone the State Workshop.  HOWEVER-  we have a good plan to replace the “in person workshop” with a “Pre Produced Workshop”.  Some parts will be pre filmed in smaller groups and other parts will be individual shots contributed by all of you!.  All of this will be edited together for a final product that will be our 2020 State Workshop that can be viewed by everyone no matter where you are in our state.  We will be contacting State Officers and Society Presidents shortly with more details and to get going!

Lillian Pennington

Alabama State President


Society Members,

Primarily, my goodwill prayers remain with you as we move in a different direction to keep up momentum in ASCAR. 

Our State President Lillian Pennington and her parents, Bryan and Jennifer will be inviting you all to participate in our virtual meeting. We hope you will be enthusiastic with us as we embrace a new adventure. I sincerely believe this new idea will be a successful turning point as we move forward in 2020.

Please join us!  See you there!

With love for C.A.R.


Brenda Winter

Senior State President

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A Video Message From Your President!

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

"I believe in the Children of the American Revolution as an organization for the training of young people in true patriotism and love of country, in order that they shall be better fitted for American citizenship. As a descendant of the Founders of my Country, I believe that my birthright brings a responsibility to carry on their work, and that as the boys and girls of 1776 took an active part in the War for Independence, so the boys and girls of today have a definite work to do for their Country. As a member of the Children of the American Revolution, I believe it is my duty to use my influence to create a deeper love of country, a loyal respect for its Constitution and a reverence for its Flag, among the young people with whom I come in contact."